The Annenberg Foundation invests in visionary leaders of nonprofit organizations that provide impactful programs and services through collaborative models.

We realize that social problems are growing more complex and, as a result, require new, innovative approaches through collective action by a cross-section of stakeholders, rather than isolated efforts by single organizations. As a grantmaker, the Annenberg Foundation is willing to take measured risks with a tolerance for occasional failure to seek out and fund outstanding people and organizations. We understand the value of going beyond traditional grantmaking and are open to innovative ways to leverage our grant funds.

We believe there is a direct connection between a nonprofit’s results and the strength of its leadership. This leadership includes staff as well as the board of directors. Our aim is to support the nonprofit sector’s most precious asset: its people. We take an all-encompassing look at the people, infrastructure, values, practices and policies that the staff and board embrace and promote for organizational success. We place importance on board involvement and directors’ ability to secure resources for the organization.

We give priority to nonprofit organizations serving the Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties that are well-integrated into the fabric of the communities they serve. In addition, we evaluate whether an organization has established best practices as it relates to diversity, financial sustainability, infrastructure, board governance, staff development, programs & services, collaboration and networks with peers.

The Annenberg Foundation receives considerably more requests for funding than we can support. Only those requests that effectively address our grantmaking guidelines and our Board of Directors’ priorities will be considered. 


Community Grantmaking

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Community Grantmaking

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