How to Apply


Due to the public health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic — an international medical emergency that we have not witnessed before in our lifetimes — the Annenberg Foundation is continuing its temporary suspension of online grant applications. In order to provide support where it’s most needed during this crisis, we are currently conducting grantmaking by invitation only. We thank you for your understanding. Please check back periodically for updates as this is a rapidly changing set of circumstances.

Community Grantmaking Commitment to Equity and Diversity

The Annenberg Foundation is an equal opportunity employer committed to the core values of equity, diversity, responsiveness, accessibility, equality, inclusion, and fairness. We consider our staff’s wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to be a critical piece of our organization’s culture. Thus, we believe an organization’s impact and performance is greatly enhanced when people from different backgrounds and perspectives are engaged in an organization’s activities and decision-making processes. In this spirit, the Foundation is now requesting demographic information from applicants seeking grant support from the Community Grantmaking program. This includes questions about the composition of the applicants’ board, staff, and those served. Please note that the Annenberg Foundation imposes no requirements regarding the demographic makeup of any organization’s workforce, board, or constituency. Responses to this questionnaire are used primarily to learn more about the grants we issue and the communities served, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of grants serving diverse populations, and promoting our organizational goals of diversity and equity. We will review this information periodically to determine whether different steps should be taken in order to further these goals. While information provided may be considered in making decisions regarding grant applications, no particular response will be used for any such decision, nor will any information provided disqualify the organization from receiving a grant.