Community & Partnerships


Born from the premise that visionary communications can improve public well-being, the Annenberg Foundation has created AnnenbergTech to explore how the intersection of technology and philanthropy can benefit our city.

Our Plan:
Seek industry-wide participation from the technology sector to engage in philanthropic activity focused on building equity, civic impact, and highways of collaboration across Los Angeles.

Pledge LA

Convened by an alliance between LA’s venture capital community, Annenberg Foundation, and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, PledgeLA is a collective call for change in the tech industry and a commitment to better reflect, support, and leverage the creativity and diversity that is Los Angeles. This coalition of tech industry leaders seeks to positively contribute to the prosperity of all Angelenos and lead the industry into a new dawn of equity and inclusion.

21st Century Skills & Workforce Development

We Believe: Education is the foundation for professional competence and economic access is the bridge to equity.

In supporting the full-stack of professional skills needed in tomorrow’s workforce, we focus on providing access to the knowledge and networks required to climb upward. In addition, we support organizations and programs that create access for Angelenos to put those skills to use in the economy.

Connect to Success
Games for Change
TechFair LA

Accelerating Social Impact

We Believe: Access and opportunity have been unequal long enough, and impatience is a virtue.

We co-create, incubate, and partner on ideas we hope will have significant and lasting effects on the lives of those participating and strive to influence the systems that are in play.

Cross Sector Collaboration

We Believe: Individual organizations can change lives. Together, we can change our city.

We are open and collaborative, striving to address large-scale change by tackling challenges collectively. Businesses, organizations, and people have their own unique abilities. By combining our abilities across sectors, we can address the full stack of issues facing Angelenos today.

By nearly every measure, Los Angeles’ new tech ecosystem will continue to have a profound effect on our city. The leaders of these companies today are our philanthropists of tomorrow, and we hope AnnenbergTech can serve as a hub for this next generation to convene and create new models of civic leadership that will lift up and inspire all Angelenos.

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