The Annenberg Challenge

Ambassador Annenberg announced a “Challenge to the Nation” in December 1993 with a $500 million grant to improve public schools.
Walter H. Annenberg
Founder (1908 – 2002)
As the largest single gift ever made to public education, the Annenberg Challenge was designed to unite the resources and ideas of those committed to increasing the effectiveness of public schooling. Eighteen locally designed Challenge projects operated in 35 states, funding 2,400 public schools that served more than 1.5 million students and 80,000 teachers. Recognizing that no single gift could improve all schools, the Challenge served as a catalyst to energize and support educational reform efforts across the country.

The 18 Annenberg Challenge sites received awards ranging from $1 million to $53 million. The sites have completed their grant terms under the Annenberg Challenge and in many cases, have secured additional funding or established successor organizations to continue the work.

The following is a list of the Annenberg Challenge sites:

Bay Area School Reform Collaborative
San Francisco, CA
$25 million

Boston Plan for Excellence
Boston, MA
$10 million

The Boston University/Chelsea Partnership
Chelsea, MA
$2 million

Center for Arts Education
New York, NY
$12 million

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Public Education Foundation
Chattanooga, TN
$4 million

Chicago Annenberg Challenge
Chicago, IL
$49.2 million

Children Achieving Challenge
Philadelphia, PA
$50 million

Eccles-Annenberg Challenge
Salt Lake City, UT
$4 million

Houston Annenberg Challenge
Houston, TX
$20 million

Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (LAAMP)
Los Angeles, CA
$53 million

Minnesota Arts and Education Partnership
Golden Valley, MN
$3.2 million

New Compact Schools
Baltimore, MD
$1 million

New York Networks for School Renewal (NYNSR)
New York, NY
$25 million

Rural School and Community Trust
National Initiative
$46.75 million

Schools of the 21st Century
Detroit, MI
$20 million

South Florida Annenberg Challenge
Miami, FL
$33.4 million

Transforming Education Through the Arts Challenge (TETAC)
National Initiative
$4.3 million

Urban Atlanta Coalition Compact
Atlanta, GA
$1.5 million

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