Inside Philanthropy: A Funder-Backed Social Enterprise Pivots to Provide Healthy Meals Amid COVID-19

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of food insecurity in underserved communities was made even more challenging by the phenomenon of so-called food deserts, which describe the lack of healthy, nutritious food options in close proximity to certain areas.

Everytable has emerged as a mission-driven organization designed to tackle this very issue, and its efforts are all the more essential in a time when dining options are limited. Inside Philanthropy took a close look at Everytable’s inspiring approach, including the support it has received from the Annenberg Foundation and the California Wellness Foundation, which it has leveraged into even greater innovation in a time of need:

The healthy food chain is also making home deliveries and has started a COVID-19 Helpline to link up its services with schools, senior centers, homeless shelters and other places in need of healthy, affordable meals during the crisis.

Annenberg Foundation Executive Director Cinny Kennard pointed out that the innovative food chain was especially important in a city like Los Angeles, where healthy, affordable dining is practically nonexistent in some neighborhoods.

“The lack of freshly made and affordable, healthy meals is a challenge that should not exist for anyone in a city as plentiful and kind as Los Angeles,” said Kennard in a press statement. “Everytable is designed to effectively combat this existence of ‘food deserts.'”

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