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Amazônia Exhibit Profiled in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times profiled the Amazônia exhibit at the California Science Center, highlighting the integral role Annenberg Foundation Chairman, President and CEO Wallis Annenberg had in bringing the work of renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado to Los Angeles.

Wallis Annenberg is quoted throughout the piece and highlights both the stunning nature of the photos and the important story they tell about the need to protect our planet. 

“Conservation has always been at the heart of my philanthropy, and a big part of the challenge is raising awareness, getting people to understand the threat on a visceral level. That’s where Salgado’s gifts come in. The rain forests — as well as the Indigenous people within them — are increasingly under assault, Salgado doesn’t just make us understand this, he makes us feel it. It’s powerful and searing and sobering work.”
Wallis Annenberg
Chairman, President and CEO, Annenberg Foundation

The article also highlights how the Amazon’s weather affects the snowpack of the Sierra Nevada, which California relies on for water. It also cites the large proportion of crude oil that’s extracted from the Amazon and shipped to California refineries, once again emphasizing how California’s climate future and the future of the world’s rainforest are linked. 

Read the piece, which ran in the print edition of the Los Angeles Times on February 20

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