Designers Create LEGO Model of Annenberg Wildlife Crossing

We’re thrilled to announce that a LEGO model of the Annenberg Wildlife Crossing is in the running to be considered for mass production!

Getting this LEGO model into the hands of children around the globe will help to educate – and inspire – about conservation, problem-solving, and co-existence with the precious wildlife of our world.

To be considered for mass production, the wildlife crossing model must receive 10K votes. You can cast your vote by following these easy directions:

1. Create your LEGO account. You’ll only need your name and email address.

2. Once your account is created and you are signed in, access the wildlife crossing model page, then tap the SUPPORT button.

3. Show off this model with your community by tapping the SHARE PROJECT button on the wildlife crossing model page.

Like the wildlife crossing itself, this LEGO model isn’t just a collection of bricks – it represents a significant step towards wildlife conservation and environmental education. Thank you for taking a few moments to help the Annenberg Wildlife Crossing reach this fun and exciting milestone.

Learn more about the project from Spectrum News SoCal →

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