Los Angeles Times Reports on PledgeLA 2020 Survey Results

Sam Dean of the Los Angeles Times examined the results of the PledgeLA 2020 Tech and VC Survey, which contained signs of significant progress alongside some eye-opening areas for improvement. Dean spoke with principals involved in the analysis as well as member companies:

As a regional initiative with nonprofit backing, PledgeLA can serve as a sort of impartial United Nations for the typically competitive industry, according to one VC participating in the program, providing resources to companies and investors that want to change how they operate but don’t know where to start.

“As somebody who spends a fair amount of time thinking about these issues and wants to be on the side of progress and change, PledgeLA gives me a platform to continue to have those conversations, either internally or externally,” said Nick Kim, an investor at Crosscut Ventures. “People want to do the right thing, and they need someone who’s an expert to validate the efforts they’re putting out there.”

Read the full article here.

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