An Action Plan to Strengthen LA’s Food System

Recognizing the ongoing threat of food insecurity, the Los Angeles County Food Equity Roundtable issued an aggressive action plan to transform the region’s disconnected food system.

Annenberg Foundation Executive Director and Roundtable Co-Chair Cinny Kennard hosted a media preview and roundtable discussion to debut the plan and highlight the importance of taking action, especially as the city and country face economic headwinds. 

“This action plan provides a roadmap to help ensure LA’s most vulnerable populations can access food. As we face a potential economic slowdown, the recommendations of this coalition could not have come sooner. We must work together to bridge gaps in access, increase communication and coordination across industries, and improve our infrastructure to make food more accessible and affordable for all of our communities.”
Cinny Kennard
Executive Director, Annenberg Foundation

The roundtable researched the current state of food access in LA County over the last year and developed a comprehensive plan with a particular focus on under-resourced. This is the first time that a report of this type has been done in the region in nearly ten years. 

The plan proposes concrete steps to end food and nutrition insecurity in LA County, by:

  • Improving the affordability of healthy foods

  • Increasing the equitable access to healthy foods

  • Building market demand and consumption of healthy food

  • Supporting sustainability and resilience in food systems and supply chains

Due to systemic biases and injustices, Latino and Black households in LA County report higher rates than White households. The plan outlines how to better support vulnerable communities through food assistance programs, expanding the food safety net, partnerships with grocery stores, steps to make the food system more inclusive, and more. 

About the Roundtable
The Food Equity Roundtable is a coalition of government, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations dedicated to fostering justice by developing a comprehensive and integrated plan to resolve chronic inequities in the L.A. County food system.

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