Wallis Annenberg Presents the Living Legend Honoree Award to Ann-Margret

Annenberg Foundation Chairman, President, and CEO Wallis Annenberg presented the Living Legend Honoree Award to actress Ann-Margret at the 25th Annual Women’s Image Awards. The Annual Women’s Image Awards, hosted by the Women’s Image Network, celebrates outstanding achievements in film and television that promote the value of women and girls.

“The Women's Image Network Awards, since 1993, has been a beacon for gender equality in the media. Tonight, we celebrate not only the achievements of extraordinary women but also the transformative power of film and television to shape perceptions and inspire change. Film and television possess a unique ability to challenge stereotypes and cultivate empathy. As artists, we hold the brush that paints the diverse tapestry of women's lives. It is a responsibility I've embraced throughout my career, choosing projects that celebrate the strength, resilience, and diversity of women.”

Wallis Annenberg gained widespread attention from her inspiring speech at the WIN Awards, where she introduced Hollywood icon Ann-Margret. The event was covered by numerous media outlets including People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and the Daily Mail, all praising Wallis’ speech about bucking expectations and embracing the power of aging. The full speech is now available to watch on YouTube.

“When you reach your 80s, people want to dip you in bronze and stick you on a shelf somewhere, legend or not. But why gather dust on a shelf when you are still young and vital, and ready to rock? Why go gently into the night when you can ride your lavender Harley until sunrise and be your own damn woman? If it were up to me, the word legend in the Oxford English Dictionary would be accompanied by a picture of our honoree.”
Wallis Annenberg

Congratulations to Ann-Margret, an iconic five time Golden Globe winner who has been nominated for two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and six Emmy Awards.

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